Veterans Condemed in a Heartless Valley, Pennsylvania

On the 15th of July 2013 the Pittston Township Board of Supervisors contrived a travesty of justice and proper procedure. They voted and condemned VETERANS to Industrial Parks and Slum apartments. The Township Supervisors would not let anyone speak on behalf of the Veterans Fund of the United States and had already decided the fate of Veterans. The Zoning Officer talks out of both sides of his mouth.

This is Total Discrimination against Veterans and Segregation of Veterans which will greatly affect their health and wellbeing. I thought I had seen the last of this when I worked in South Africa, however, here it is right in our own backyard and it is acceptable to our local politicians and some residents.

There is a Vocal Minority that don’t want Veterans in their neighborhood, yet without those Veterans they wouldn’t have a neighborhood to call their own.

Is it not funny that we started talking about buying the property in November 2012 and coincidentally they changed the zoning in February 2013. There is certainly underhandedness here. We had no knowledge of a possible change of zoning regulations, just like we had no knowledge of being on the agenda on the 15th of July 2013. The communications skills need some work.

No senior Veterans Housing, No Freedom Café, No Veterans Culinary Institute, No Transitional Housing for Veterans in Need and No training for Veterans seeking employment to gain experience in a non-military career. Well done Pittston Township Supervisors and Township Administrator! What Patriots? How Un-American can you get!

Some tell us they “love Veterans” then treat them with such disrespect and disdain. If any Veteran is seeking help then call into the Pittston Township offices at 421 Broad St, Pittston 18640 or phone 570-602-2071 and see what they can do to help you.

Remember those names in the future and continue to check out where the welfare of Veterans is on show all of the time.

The Heartless Valley has now three strikes against it:

  • The first being a multi-family dwelling we took a contract on and paid the deposit and met with the City, suddenly the zoning was changed to a single family dwelling, then after the contract expired it was rezoned again to multi-family dwelling. Veterans in Need got screwed.
  • The Second was the Plains Township Reserve center which under the BRACS commission was to go for Veterans Housing, however, Plains Township wanted it for Emergency Services even though the Emergency service officials didn’t want it. So Veterans got screwed again.
  • The Third is Pittston Township where the people in charge wouldn’t lie straight in bed. By giving an exemption for the 4.62 acres they would not have opened it up to strip clubs and methadone clinics or any such erroneous businesses. Just a curve ball to throw in a few negative emotions.

I wonder what the future will hold for a Heartless Valley who discards their Veterans and let me be candid; You don’t have to trip over a Veteran in Need, you need to know the shame that comes with knowing 300,000 Veterans in Need sleep on the streets of America each night. You, Mr. James Marotto are a real Patriot !!!!! Have you ever done anything for your fellow Veterans?  If you are a Veteran and meet or want to write to Mr. James Marotto to thank him for his non-Support of Veterans, his address is 23 Ridge St, Pittston, PA 18640.

  • Mr. Marotto, you say the building is within walking distance of your home. Please let me know when you walk that 6 miles down the road to the animal hospital, I am also a disabled Veteran and I couldn’t walk 6 miles. You are not doing badly for a disabled Veteran. Yes, one of the Vocal minority. An empty can is always heard the loudest.
  • Remember put the following websites on your favorites list:,, facebook/ &
  • We are the Veterans Fund of the United States at 805 South Township Blvd, Pittston, PA 18640. Our email is not hidden: and our phone is 1-877-838-4483

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