A Review of P90X: Tony Horton’s 90-Day Extreme Home Fitness Workout DVD Program

P90X is an extreme fitness workout DVD which conditions your body back into shape, helping you build the body you have always wanted however I’m sure you’re questioning what is it about this fitness DVD that has made it one of the Top Fitness Workouts for men and women around the world? Well here we’ll give you the low down on this DVD, giving you all the information to help you decide whether this is the fitness DVD for you.

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What do you get inside the P90X Package?

The P90X Fitness System consists of 12 diverse and intense DVD workouts focusing on a range of different areas such as Chest and Back, Core Synergistics, Back and Biceps and Yoga. Additionally you will receive a 3 Stage Nutrition Program which helps your body recover from intense workouts more quickly and teaches you how to eat the right calories for maximum results, specially designed supplement options, a detailed fitness guide showing you how to do each exercise with proper form and teaching you how to customise the program for your fitness goals, calendar, tracking worksheets and a 24 hour, 7 day a week online support if you have any queries. You will need to buy a set of dumbbells and resistant bands to use this program.

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What specifically is the 3 Stage Nutrition Plan?

Phase 1 of the 3 Stage Nutrition Plan is a high protein diet helping you to jump start your fat lose as you begin building muscle. Phase 2 is consists of a balance between proteins and carbohydrates giving your body the energy it needs. Phase 3 moves you onto an athletic diet advising you to intake more complex carbohydrates and lean proteins for ultimate performance in achieving your toned body.

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