Risks And Patient Selection For Epidural Steroid Injections

In the 10 years between 1997 and 2006, interventional pain treatments went up by 235% in the Medicare demographic. There is building evidence that early imaging and injection treatments result in better outcomes. The results have been very promising Mk 677 for sale.

When looking at neck and back pain causes, there are really 3 main categories: 1) Disc Degeneration 2) Disc bulges/herniations and 3) Facet Degeneration

When imaging studies are obtained, one of the main reasons is to exclude non-degenerative pain problems such as tumors, compression fractures, or neural disorders.

Safety of lumbar and cervical epidural injections and nerve blocks has been shown in many studies, with a complication rate of <1% requiring additional treatment Lgd 4033 for sale.

Transforaminal injections into the cervical spine entail risk higher than lumbar due to 1)Tortuosity of the vertebral artery 2) Direct injection possibility into the spinal cord and 3) Injection potential into the microvasculature surrounding the spinal cord Mk 2866 for sale.