The Secret to Fitness Over 40 – A Story

Peter was like most people over 40 who realised that he was, almost overnight, starting to get ‘middle age spread’. If it carried on he’d soon be buying larger and larger clothes Phentermine Substitute Over The Counter. And so he did what most people did who decide to get into fitness over 40, he started a fitness routine. However, where Peter differed was that he realised that he needed to do more than just spend a few hours on a treadmill.

Most people who do fitness workouts don’t workout intensely enough to increase their health and fitness level. It’s because they tend to do the same exercise routine at the same level of exertion all the time. They can also spend hours and hours a week exercising in this manner, without seeing any weight loss or increase in their health and fitness levels.

Without a gradual increase in the intensity of your fitness program, your body doesn’t grow stronger and healthier How to take Phentermine. What Peter did during his fitness workouts to insure his routine was intense enough, is the talk test. If you can just about hold a conversation with someone, and you’re not absolutely gasping for breath, you will be working out a good level of intensity.

Peter also knew that these sort of fitness workouts would also raise his metabolic resting rate, the rate at which he burned calories at rest, so he would carry on burning excess fat long after his workout had finished Best Place to Buy Phentermine. This would also help his muscles and bone density to stop shrinking, which it had been doing as he moved past the age of 30. So reducing his chance of falling and breaking limbs and bones as he got older.